Monday, December 23, 2013

3.5 Years of Bad Luck - Fail!

I recently found out about Rust-oleum's Mirror Effect spray paint and wanted to try it out. I bought this window frame from Target to use as my first victim.

I must admit, I know I chose the easy way out. I was originally looking at used window panes on Craigslist but when I saw this for only $35 at Target, I had to take the bait. The idea of driving an hour to pick it up, sanding, repairing, and only saving about $10-$15 suddenly didn't sound so appealing. 

The spray paint will supposedly turn any glass into a mirror, neat! I thought perhaps I should test it out first...before applying it to my Target frame. I bought this lovely piece of art at Good Will (59 cents) to test it on...


I removed the glass from the frame, spread out some newspaper, and got to work. The can says to apply five thin coats of the paint to the back side of the glass. 

[first coat drying]

[fifth coat drying]

The picture above is that of the back side of the mirror - so not the side that you would be looking into. Looked great already though. After it dried, in my excitement, I picked up the glass and went twirling around to show everyone. This was the result....

My first thought was "shoot! does this mean I am going to have seven years of bad luck"??? Since this wasn't technically a real mirror, I'm thinking three and a half years would be fair. Yeah? In the picture above, you can sort of see the effects. Before I dropped it, I could see myself quite clearly (you'll just have to take my word on that one). 

This Christmas, I'm making presents for my entire family. Once I've finished those (it's a race to the finish line), I'll start working on my windowpane "mirror". Lots of exciting projects ahead in the new year, including a new coffee table! 

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