Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Last Week in Photos

It's been another busy week but lots of projects...and half completed projects. Here's a bit of what's been going on as well as a sneak peek of some things to come! 

[curry a la paulus]

Last week we went to Target to stock up on some staples - namely, Paul's favorite curry. Perhaps with enough persuasion, I can get him to be my very first guest blogger and describe the process seen here. The curry was on clearance last week so we kind of binge bought...13 jars to be exact. 

PS. Paul is discovering the joy of the mini spatulas here. 

Dear Target, we love this curry! Please don't discontinue it. 

[my first quiche]

[buffalo wings-mmmm]
recipe to come! 


[ikea trip]

I finally made the trek out to College Park to hit up IKEA. I've been wanting a white Lack shelf to put over the sofa for a few months. Pictures to come once it is properly decorated! 

[board too big to fit in my car]

Last year when I bought my Rogue, I thought a small SUV would be a sufficient sized car for a five foot tall person. I did not factor in the lumber I would be buying! I bought this piece of wood to use as the base for my ongoing coffee table project but it did not fit in my car!! We ended up haphazardly tying it to my roof with some twine. After about 2 minutes on the beltway and visions of the shattered windshields behind us, we pulled off the beltway to the side roads. 

[spray polyurethane]

Apparently I like to crouch like a frog when working. I have multiple pictures of myself in this position...

Note: Please disregard my choice of shoes/socks. I didn't want to get spray paint on my boots and these were the only shoes I had at my parents house.

[window frame makeover]

Sneak peek of my newest mirror! 

[coming together!!]

[my beautiful sister]

As I was looking for old books to read in my sister's bookcase, I stumbled on a bunch of pictures of her younger self. This is one of my all time favorites. Brownie batter all over those cheeks.

[valet parking at the grocery]

I think this is a new low of laziness. 

It's been a big week - lots of work done and much more to do. Coming soon: window mirror, the long-awaited coffee table, recipes, and more! 

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  1. I love your pictures! Do you take your own or do you have a photographer?