Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Last Week in Photos

This past weekend was so cold and I was also quite lazy. Not too much got done in the way of DIY. While I finish up a few projects, here are some photos of the past week.

[post-sunday-mimosa fun]

[i have glasses on my head but don't call me glasseshead]

[open house]

[FINALLY got a flu shot - bet you're happy mom]

[re-organized my bookshelf - big improvement over the chaos]

And my FAVORITE thing I got this week....

[measuring hedgies from anthropologie]

[i'm obsessed with them]


[glasses - it's amazing what I can see now]

Until next time! Projects to be put up soon! 


  1. Hi Clare, I love your blog! Keep up the good work! Can you tell me how the crate-coffee table went?

  2. Thanks for the love :) The coffee table is still going, I hope to finish it this weekend so I can share on Monday!