Monday, February 24, 2014

The Past Few Weeks in Photos

I'm baa-aackk! After a few weeks of not blogging, I'm back! With several finished projects to share and a few on the horizon. It's been a pretty busy few weeks but here's what's been going on:

[moon shoes]

When was the last time you saw a pair of these? We went to the world's largest thrift store (I'm pretty sure). Despite the fact that I walked out empty handed, the trip was well worth it because I got to bounce around in these. 

[so bouncy I'm blurry]

[super bowl cupcakes]

We had some people over for the Super Bowl (literally weeks ago). I made WAY too much food: two quiche, cupcakes, pizza crescent rolls, chicken bites, carnitas pork, and caprese skewers. My friends brought meatballs, wings, guacamole, bratwurst and more. We had a ton of food and were eating leftovers for days. I was proud of my pretty themed cupcakes and pizza crescent rolls though.

[pizza crescent rolls] 

I didn't take any pictures while I made these but they were incredibly easy. I got a few packages of crescent rolls and separated the dough. I put 4 pieces of pepperoni and half a mozzarella cheese stick and rolled it right up. I stuck them in the oven and they came out golden and delicious. Coupled with a jar of pizza sauce, and it was almost better than the real thing. 

[joined a gym]

I also joined a new gym! I got rid of my memberships at a yoga studio, Sport & Health, and vowed off my old cycling studio. I joined Equinox to get all three (and hopefully more) in one place. It's been an adventure so far - they have tons of new classes and I've been sore for two weeks straight. While I may not row away on a lifeboat, I am hoping to get some arms like the ad above. #equinoxmademedoit


It snowed. And snowed. And snowed. I felt like we were going to be snowed in forever. Luckily, this friendly neighbor in the John Deere plowed us out. 

[cinnamon buns]

While we were stuck inside, we ate a lot. Yumm cinnamon buns.

[kale fail]

I also tried and failed to make kale for the first time. I sauteed it with garlic and olive oil and some lemon juice. I added a bit of salt and pepper also. I did NOT care for it. I don't know if it was user error or just a taste I haven't developed yet. Does anyone have any good suggestions for cooking kale? I don't think I will be trying my "recipe" again any time soon. 

[fish kiss]


And now - a sneak peak of my projects coming up later this week:

[word art]

[finished coffee table]

[ikea rast hack] 

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